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Infor­ma­ti­an about the 2022 edi­ti­on of Sor­ry, Not Sor­ry Fes­ti­val (English)

Mark the weekend of 20, 21 and 22 May on your calendar as the neighbourhood park of De Porre in Gentbrugge’s Moscou-Vogelhoek becomes the beating heart of the fourth edition of Sorry, Not Sorry Street Art Festival. Artworks spread around the district, a welcoming Sorry, Not Sorry market, talks, the introduction of the book about the Betoncentrale, performances,… It’s going to be a cozy and busy weekend in Gentbrugge and everyone is more than welcome!


SORRY, NOT SORRY brings art closer

The focus of the festival which is always held in a neighborhood outside the city center, is once again on the creative “underground” and “out of the box” art. There you can discover young artists and organisations, as well as witness from the front row how the walls dividing regular artists, street artists and residents are torn down. Thus the ideal breeding ground for interesting crossovers and cultural sub-genres!


‘De Porre’ as homebase for the festival, the ideal platform for a discussion on urban development

You can find the different phases of urban evolution in Moscou-Vogelhoek and Flora. Open Huis De Porre is a finished neighborhood center. The former fire station SANTO is currently being used for other purposes, but in the future, a residential area shall stand on its place. The debate is still ongoing on the short-term and long-term plans for the nearby Arsenaalsite.


SNS 2024

SORRY, NOT SORRY will also set-up camp in De Porre in 2024. By then, Gent is the “European Youth Capital” and the youth will be involved in the development and program of the festival, wherever possible.