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Street Art in Ghent

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  • Street Art

    Fly Birds Don't Die

    Chinastraat , 9000 Gent Bosmuis

    Philip Bosmans made a collaboration possible between Street Art Festival Hasselt, the oldest street art festival in the Benelux, and the 2019 SORRY, NOT SORRY festival.

    Fly Birds Don't Die ©Ferdinand Feys
  • Street Art


    Vaartstraat 2A , 9000 Gent Smok

    Three local service centres, De Horizon, De Boei and De Thuishaven, are housed in an apartment block. As a result, their offices are little visible and people often pass by without noticing them. Older local residents sometimes do not even know that they can go there for services and activities.
    Instead of working with classic façade banners with photographs, the Elderly Care Department of the City of Ghent opted for murals. The three centres have large blind side walls that are ideal for this purpose.

    Smok ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art


    Kleindokkaai 27 , 9000 Gent MeenOne

    MeenOne is a Tunisian graffiti artist who founded the Daily Grind Studio in 2015. He mainly works with social and artistic organisations that empower youngsters through hip-hop and graffiti.

    In 2019 he joined us at the Sorry, not Sorry festival.

    MeenOne ©Ferdinand Feys
  • Street Art

    A squid called Sebastian

    Koopvaardijlaan , 9000 Gent A squid called Sebastian

    Graffiti vzw and Piazza Dell'Arte collaborated on Augmented Graffiti Masterclasses in the run-up to the third edition of the 2019 Sorry, Not Sorry festival.

    A squid called Sebastian ©Patrick Henry
  • Graffiti jam

    Graffiti jam

    Heidestraat , 9000 Gent Diverse artiesten / Several artists

    This long wall, a collaborative work by various artists, is the result of a graffiti jam organised by the Local Prevention and Safety department, the Youth department and Graffiti vzw in 2011.

    Graffiti jam Heidestraat ©Michiel Devijver
  • Art in public space

    sans papiers (undocumented)

    Bevrijdingslaan 1 , 9000 Gent Sven 't Jolle

    Visitors of daycare centre De Bron are welcomed at the entrance by a remarkable work of art by Sven ‘t Jolle. The statue Sans papiers – uit de kindertijd van de mens is a tribute to the ancient symbols of birth and care. The playful, modern shapes of the piece refer to the daycare centre’s refreshing view on child care and its inclusive ways.

    sans papiers ©Michiel Devijver
  • Art in public space


    Korenlei , 9000 Gent Paul Van Ostaijen

    “Onder de maan schuift de lange rivier
    Over de lange rivier schuift moede de maan
    Onder de maan op de lange rivier
    schuift de kano naar zee”

    Melopee ©Michiel Devijver
  • Art in public space

    Wild Horses

    Alphonse de Hollainhof 1 , 9000 Gent Nora De Rudder

    The inhabitants of Alphonse De Hollainhof have gotten a couple of new peculiar neighbours thanks to Ghent interior architect Nora De Rudder. The artist’s ‘Wild Horses’ were put in the housing estate’s common green area.

    Wilde Paarden ©Michiel Devijver
  • Art in public space

    Like a Leaf that Falls (A kiss on Kouter?)

    Kouter 150 , 9000 Gent Lut De Block

    In addition to Mystic Leaves by artist Jessica Diamond, Kouter features another work of art. The poem Zoals een blad dat valt by Lut De Block has been part of Ghent’s poetry tour for years and has been put on the corner of the square.

    Zoals een blad dat valt ©Michiel Devijver
  • Art in public space

    Taptoe Celebrates

    Zilverhof 34B , 9000 Gent Walter De Buck

    Ghent folk hero Walter De Buck created the statue Taptoe Feest in 1993 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Theater Taptoe. Theater Taptoe is a legendary puppet theatre that made the Ghent puppet theatre scene famous in Belgium and abroad between 1968 and 2009. TAPTOE’s erf, the organisation which manages the theatre’s heritage, donated the artwork to the city of Ghent.

    Taptoe Feest ©Michiel Devijver
  • Art in public space

    The Painter of the Sun

    Baarleveer 28 , 9000 Gent Marf

    Since 2018, Drongen has had a very special inhabitant: De Zonneschilder, a poetic statue by sculptor MaRf. This work of art depicts an artist pretending to paint the sunset in an attempt to capture the intangible beauty of nature.

    De Zonneschilder ©Michiel Devijver
  • Art in public space

    Marc Nagtzaem

    Hoveniersstraat 40 , 9000 Gent Marc Nagtzaem

    Art cannot only give a quarter an upgrade, it can also make it greener. Marc Nagtzaam proved this with his piece for the Standaert site in Ledeberg. Although it’s the artist’s first work of art to be displayed in a public space, it has a tremendous impact on the entire site’s atmosphere.

    Marc nagtzaem ©Michiel Devijver

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