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Street Art in Ghent

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  • Art in public space

    Silent Speech

    Bloemenkenswijk , 9000 Gent Leen Van Tichelen

    Ghent visual artist Leen Van Tichelen has created the work of art Silent Speech together with the inhabitants of the Bloemekenswijk neighbourhood. It consists of imposing canvases printed with patterns and images designed by local residents. The stories of this neighbourhood are thus an integral part of the artwork.
    Afterwards, the artist will make curtains and cushions from the canvases and exhibit them in the display windows of Kioskiosk.

    Silent Speech ©Michiel Devijver
  • Art in public space


    Bloemenkenswijk , 9000 Gent Olivier Goethals

    The Kioskiosk pavilion at Bloemekenspark has been designed by Ghent architect and artist Olivier Goethals.

    Kioskiosk ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art


    Heilige Geeststraat , 9000 Gent Bué

    Ghent local Dave De Rop grew up in a family of cartoonists. He created his own visual language and brings colour and positive energy to a street

    Bué ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art


    Denderlaan , 9000 Gent Aryz

    Every year, Miramiro invites an artist to design the poster for the Ghent Festivities. During these festivities, the artist in question is also asked to create a mural.
    In 2017, Miramiro invited Aryz.

    Aryz ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art

    Eyes B

    kleinvleeshuissteeg , 9000 Gent Eyes B

    Eyes-B, a painter and graffiti artist based in Brussels, has been drawing since he can remember. He finds his inspiration in the digital arts, design and the macro use of organic elements. He has gradually developed his technique by using more of a “freestyle” approach—improvisation and spontaneity guide his work.

    Eyes B ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art


    prinsenhof , 9000 Gent Cee Pil

    Cee Pil's work is all about the contrast between nature and culture, a bewildering view on nature and how men and nature live together. Instead of presenting beautiful pictures he wants to give his audience food for thought. His work has a certain surrealistic touch. He wants to show a calm and harmonious picture with an unpleasant connotation.

    Foxow ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art


    Jozef guislainstraat , 9000 Gent Asit

    Asit aka Bert Vuylsteke lives and works in Gent. The king of art education, his graffiti work is actually a hobby which got out of hand.

    Asit ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art


    Neuseplein , 9000 Gent Smok

    Three local service centres, De Horizon, De Boei and De Thuishaven, are housed in an apartment block. As a result, their offices are little visible and people often pass by without noticing them. Older local residents sometimes do not even know that they can go there for services and activities.
    Instead of working with classic façade banners with photographs, the Elderly Care Department of the City of Ghent opted for murals. The three centres have large blind side walls that are ideal for this purpose.

    Smok Neuseplein ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art

    Jamie Answord

    diverse , 9000 Gent Jamie Answord

    In the run-up to the third SORRY, NOT SORRY festival, a mini arts route has been created in and around the Voormuide and Muidepoort streets. Local residents were given the opportunity to put their façade at the disposal of an artist. Various artists have installed small works of art at different locations in the neighbourhood.

    Jamie Answord ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art


    Pekelharing , 9000 Gent Kitsune

    The owners of this building wished to draw positive attention to the neighbourhood. They entrusted artist Kitsune with the design of a mural that would be visible from the street despite the dense urban development.
    The budget to pay for the artist’s work hours was collected via crowdfunding. All other costs (scaffolding, paint, etc.) were paid by the owners.

    Kitsune ©Michiel Devijver
  • Street Art

    Pol Cosmo

    Fonteineplein , 9000 Gent Pol Cosmo

    Pol Cosmo creates colourful insects which pop up on buildings all over the city. In this way, the artist wishes to surprise people in a positive manner.

    Pol Cosmo ©Michiel Devijver

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